Earth, 24th May, 17:20

Investigating a case on Earth. The human police were dealing with it, but then they discovered evidence of a Drell being involved, so they had to call in C-Sec help. The problem is, there aren’t supposed to be any Drell in the city this crime took place in. Hell, there aren’t meant to be any Drell on Earth. I’ve checked all records of non-humans on Earth, the only registered ones are myself, a few other Turians from C-Sec, and an Asari woman offering her “special services” to the wealthiest human men.

Our only lead is the Asari, so far we only know her first name, Saraia. The case is the apparent murder of a very wealthy human male who she was seeing on a regular basis. He was shot in the neck with a tiny dart, almost undetectable. Almost. The human police searched it for DNA, but their scientists weren’t trained to recognise Drell DNA, for obvious reasons. That’s why they called us in.

We’re going to track down Saraia tomorrow. Until then, we’re going to lay low. I’ll keep you posted.


Citadel, 16th May, 19:41

I went to Afterlife. At least, I was going to. I wasn’t allowed to go, higher ups were afraid that I was attempting a bust. I went to Purgatory instead. I was a little disappointed, but I did meet two very lovely Asari women, they were visiting before the mass relays stopped, and ended up settling permanently. They were very willing to show me a few of the finest qualities of the Asari.

It was strange, being with women who weren’t Seranas. She was the only woman I ever loved. Being with the Asari was great, they showed me all sorts of new moves that I wasn’t aware of, but it wasn’t the same as being with Seranas. I don’t think I’ll be able to let go of that.

Maybe one day I’ll meet a nice Turian woman of a similar age to me, who is willing to step into the empty whole Seranas left. I doubt it very much, though. Until then, I can only keep doing my best to protect the Citadel.


Citadel, 7th May, 18:38

Been too long since I kept a log. Last one was when Garrus was born, when Seranas died. I kept it up for seven years. I was going to give it to him as a gift. Life gets in the way sometimes. I’ll give it to him the next time I see him. Last I heard, he was running around with some human Spectre. Damn kid never forgave me for not letting him become a Spectre. He wasn’t suited to it, one day he’ll see that.

It gets lonely being a widow. I’ve been thinking about paying Afterlife a visit. I’ll leave all of my C-Sec gear here, on the Citadel, so that I’m not tempted to start investigating the criminals who I know are there. I won’t even bring a gun. The worst that could happen is a fist fight, and I’m pretty good at those.

I don’t miss Seranas. We weren’t terribly close. What I do miss, what I still miss, after all this time, is knowing that someone is waiting for me, that someone is relying on me, that I have a personal responsibility to take care of someone.

I’m going to go to Afterlife. I’ll keep you updated.

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